It seems that motorcycles are extremely powerful and popular, ever since their inception back in the 19th century. The popularity hasn’t decreased, both in the U.S and around the world, and even third world countries are starting to use them to handle traffic and other transportation problems as they are cheaper than most cars.

But why do so many people swear by motorcycles? What about them keeps people coming back when the reign of the cars is so supreme? One answer is that they project an image of being cool to the world.After all, almost every action hero had a motorcycle.

From Batman with his batcycle to Reno with his motorcycle in the TV show Renegadebeing on a cycle just projects the aura that the rider is on an adventure and is moving without a care in the world. Motorcycle riders also report an increased Zen with the road.

This is mainly because they interact with it, and don’t have a car to shield them from the temperature, or the weather or the wind. They can feel it all and accept it, which makes motorcycle riders calmer personalities on the road. Riding can even induce relaxation and can allow for clear thoughts, which many find therapeutic.

Saving money and the earth

Motorcycles are often more fuel efficient than cars, which allows for less time to be spent draining wallets at the pump and more time spent on the road. Riders also have easier times finding parts and making repairs than with cars, and while motorcycle gear is expensive, they still save a little more money when all is said and done.

Most bikes, especially if they run on biodegradable fuels or are electrically powered, can also help the earth. Since the lane splitting benefit of bicycles allows them to avoid being idle in traffic jams, they aren’t producing as much pollution.

Also, motorcycles have been proven to help some people lose weight and also increase brain activity. The zen state most riders get into really helps their brains to do nothing and calms down people’s emotions to produce endorphins. Riding a motorcycle can help people become happier, and when the mental side improves, the physical side follows.


Friendly and freeing

Finally, many people (including some pretty ladies) are attracted to the rugged and worn boys on motorcycles. For those who ride, it becomes apparent that people will want to talk, share stories, and ask about where the bike came from. This friendliness can pay off as new people and experiences expose themselves just because of a sweet ride.

Plus the freedom of having just a rider and the open road can help put a lot of things in perspective for everyone. Being on the road is soothing, calming, and allows for a feeling of control in the crazy world that people live in.

It’s just a rider and the road and the thoughts that bounce around in their head, and that’s the best benefit of all.