You may have heard about Romano Fenati recently.He is a famous motorcyclist who recently lost his spot on his team and got a multi-race ban.Why?Because he decided to try and hurt another rider during a MotoGP race.

I believe that Fenati should never be allowed to race competitively again. Here is why.

Romano Fenati and Stefano Manzi

To understand the circumstances around Fenati, we must go back to the race at Misano where he was involved in a duel with Stefano Mazni. The two were racing in close proximity for many laps.

It appeared as though Manzi would get past Fenati and into a comfortable position in the race. But Fenati was not happy about it.

When Manzi rode by him, Fenati tried to pull his brake lever.

Dangerous Incident

Anyone who has ever ridden a motorcycle at high speed knows that pulling another rider’s brake lever is one of the most dangerous things you can do.

Luckily, there was no serious accident or injury to the other rider. Manzi lost control of his bike for a moment but he regained his composure. Fenati did not try anything after that move, but the damage was already done.

Two-Race Suspension

Many fans were disappointed when Fenati was only given a two-race ban after the incident. I was among those people.

I am a huge fan of MotoGP and I believe that incidents between drivers are part of the action. There will always be accidents and some may even involve drivers getting hurt.

But an incident where one driver attempts to purposely damage another driver’s race is crossing the line. Fenati was not involved in a racing move when he tried to pull Manzi’s brake lever.

He was merely lashing out, because the other driver was too fast for him on that occasion. It is the type of incident that cannot be tolerated in MotoGP or any bike racing series.

Marinelli Terminates His Contract

While he only got a two-race ban, his team Marinelli eventually ripped up his contract. He will no longer be racing with the team and has said he may retire from the sport.

I believe that he should never be allowed to race competitively again. Pulling someone’s bike lever during a race is not some childish joke that can be tolerated. It goes to the very integrity of the race – the pact between drivers to respect each other and race safely.


What type of message would it send to other drivers if Fenati raced again? Even if he claims to have learned his lesson, there should be consequences for such actions. What if Manzi had been seriously hurt?

And I am not the only one who shares this opinion. British motorcycle racer Cal Crutchlow also believes that Fenati deserves a lifetime ban.

He believes that “you can’t do this to another racer” and that drivers are already “risking our lives enough” without such incidents.

Motorcycle racing is a dangerous sport. Drivers know that each time they step out to race. But one driver deliberately trying to hurt another cannot be tolerated in MotoGP or any other sport.