Motorcycle clubs – or biker gangs – are synonymous with bike culture.It is hard to talk about the latest motorbike or a vintage vehicle without mentioning bike clubs.

There are a lot of misconceptions about these clubs, with people repeating false statements they heard from friends or colleagues.I was guilty of doing the same. But then I spent some time learning more about motorcycle clubs.

Here are five interesting facts that I discovered about motorcycle clubs that I did not know about before.

  1. Clubs Have Minimum Mile Requirements

Did you know that you must complete a certain number of miles each year if you want to remain a member of the Hell’s Angels bike club? I did not either!

If someone rides less than 20,000 miles in a year, they would no longer be considered a member in good standing. I always used to think of biker gangs as groups that would spend more time hanging out at bars, instead of riding their bikes.

But now I know they take riding very seriously!

  1. Most Bike Clubs Have Simple Golden Rules

We often hear about the complicated rituals and processes that one must go through to join a biker club. But many motorcycle clubs have very simple rules of etiquette and behavior.

I learned that most of the popular bike clubs have one golden rule. If you follow that rule, you will be in good shape. “If you give respect, you will get respect.” If you act in an inappropriate, rude or unpleasant way, you can expect to get the same treatment in return.

But if you are a fun, bike loving individual who wants to interact with people who have shared interests, you will have a pleasant and enjoyable experience with a motorcycle club!

  1. Most Members Are Men

While there are definitely women who love motorcycles and take part in bike clubs, a vast majority of the groups are men!

Rough estimates suggest that 95 percent of people who belong to a motorcycle club are men.

  1. You Can Stay in Some Clubs, Even If You Lose Your Bike

Say your motorcycle gets damaged in an accident or you have to sell it to pay some bills. You would assume that loses you the membership to a bike club.

But I learned there are bike clubs where you can stay a member, even if you lost your bike. They will take away your voting rights on important issues, but you can still hang out with the group when they meet!

  1. The Stories About Biker Gangs Are Mostly Myths

There is a misconception that everyone who is in a motorcycle club is an outlaw or someone involved in illegal activities.

But it could not be further from the truth. I was surprised to learn that 99 percent of people in bike clubs are just people who love bikes and want to ride all the time!

Like any club or organization, there will be some people who are the exception to that rule. But anyone who is afraid of joining a club because they do not want to be in a gang can relax – the stories about biker gangs are mostly myths!